Concrete Cleaning & Curing

All Concept Concrete is a certified installer with all of the products chosen under its banner. 

With the advantage of being able to seal concrete the same day it is installed or pressure washed this gives the advantage of shutting the door on further contamination or staining which is more than often associated with outdated methods. 

Our unique concrete sealing and curing method gives you peace of mind that your investment will be in great condition at the earliest possible chance. 

Our chosen product has a high oil and stain resistance giving you peace of mind from day 1 of installation. 

A same day seal and cure assist for all new installation concrete. 

  • Exposed concrete 
  • Burnished Concrete
  • Plain and broomed
Driveway & Concrete resurfacing

All Concept Concretes’ unique method of non toxic resurfacing will leave you and your establishment satisfied with your investment. We use high quality textured resins on all of our works to give added grip and safer areas for you and your family to enjoy. 

With minimal disturbance to your premises using our unique method, you will be ensure you have your business or home back to its normal running order with an improved modern look.

We only use 100% no VOC’S (volatile organic compounds) products to perform all of our resurfacing. From driveways to pool surrounds, we can turn your property into something new at a minimal cost. 

We also cater for schools, commercial establishments, parklands, residential, recreational areas, child care facilities or any application required by you or your establishment. 

All products used are non-toxic and carry a high oil and stain resistance. 

Concrete, Tile & Stone Pressure cleaning

Concrete cleaning also known as pressure cleaning, can be a valuable practice to undergo on your property.

All Concept Concrete caters for all aspects of pressure cleaning and takes pride in all areas whether its big or small. With training from industry leading professionals you can be confident that your property will be brought back to glory. 

With a broad understanding and knowledge base, we know what pressure and methods are needed to produce the best results efficiently and safely for your surface to remove dirt, mould and contaminants.  All Concept Concrete is fully insured for public liability and complies with safe work practices. 

  • We service 
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Body Corporate
  • Industrial
Same Day Clean & Seal

All Concept Concrete has the advantage of using same day Concrete Sealers. 

Being able to seal your concrete on the same day that it is cleaned, allows us to close the window of opportunity on contaminating these areas. 

Other outdated methods need a minimum of 1-2 days for Concrete to dry to apply their sealers. 

Pressure cleaning alone can rapidly deteriorate any concrete. By cleaning and same day sealing, cement, stone, and sand stay in its true form and last longer, in turn maintaining its value. 

All Concept Concrete is an agent and certified applicator for Water Based Sealers.